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I came in for a referral from Dr. Jimenez. Enrolled with Forza with hesitation after the fist session I felt energized, and looking forward to my weekly session. I am on my 6th week of therapy. I feel wonderful. I could not have done the therapy without Dr. Carlos's assistance. He is knowledge, strict, and professional. Thanks Dr. Carlos Orozco.
~ Patricia R.

Preparing for knee replacement surgery. PT sessions were very thorough and I can feel the strengthening already. Looking forward to returning after surgery. Thanks Carlos!
~ Dora H.

I didn't realize that by making some small adjustment to the way I stand/sit, all could alleviate some of my pain. I have been able to do more because of some things I learned here. Also, my headaches have gone away.
~ Sally G.

I came to Forza with mild to moderate lower back pain. Dr. Orozco helped me to strengthen my core by implementing exercises that I can do at home. He's patient and listens to patients and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone needing PT for the personalized treatment and his expertise.
~ Sylvia H.

I recently had a baby that left me in extreme pain in my pelvic area, groin, and pubic bone. Just one week post postpartum i stated PT. Now, 4 weeks later and 5 weeks postpartum, my pain is minimal and only occurs w/ extended physical activity, standing, or sitting for extended periods of time. The care I received was excellent and pin pointed exactly my pain areas. Thank You!
~ Alyssa P.

I had a rotator cuff repair on my shoulder in November of 2016. After my surgery I got the best care available through the physical therapist at Forza Physiotherapy, Carlos Orozco, PT, DPT. He was very knowledgeable and demonstrated the skill level needed to help me with my recovery. He took his time working with me as well as all techniques and exercises he implemented. He used various techniques to assist with the healing process of my shoulder. I now have full active range of motion of my shoulder due to the work, guidance and one on one I received at Forza PT. I would highly recommend Carlos due to great care I received as well as my successful outcome.
~ Deborah R.

I had a full tear in my rotator cuff which I had surgically repaired. I started physical therapy with Carlos in November and when I first came here I could not move my arm without extreme pain. After six weeks of PT and six weeks of strengthening I have full range of motion and most of my strength restored. Carlos did an excellent job with my rehab and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
~ James G.

Forza PT is the best! Dr. Orozco listens to your issues and provides an individualized program with easy explanations. Excellent results!! Carlos and Veronica, you both are exceptional!
~ Ginny F.

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